Honda and Toyota adapt vehicles against COVID-19

In both cases, the idea is to find a simple and easy to implement way to isolate the driver and front passenger from the contagious patient carried in the back.

The most visible modification is an airtight divider panel behind the front seats and the rear of the cabin, but the most interesting idea is to modify the interior airflow in order to change the pressures in both compartments, that of the front becoming greater than that of the rear, on the model of the insulation in hospital rooms.

As the photos show, it is more for the moment of craftsmanship than of the large series, and for the moment only a few examples have been modified, but we can imagine that the ingenious device will improve in the future. over time. Beyond the very real usefulness of the vehicles, it is also for manufacturers to show that they participate in the collective effort. The vehicles thus equipped are made available by the manufacturers themselves.

This does not prevent the two companies from launching into the production of personal protective equipment, which is lacking in Japan as elsewhere.

Source and images credit: Toyota, Honda

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