The Honda CR-Z brand: is the sporty hybrid coupe making a comeback?

Honda CR-Z

Honda's lineup is getting a lot less exciting for 2021. The demise of the Fit hatchback and Civic Coupe, as well as the loss of the Accord's manual gearbox and the Civic Si's temporary discontinuation are to blame.

Despite this, it looks like Honda isn't just satisfying enthusiasts with its 306-horsepower Civic Type R hatchback and there's a chance the Japanese automaker will revive the CR-Z in the years to come. Credit a recent trademark application by Honda filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the name CR-Z.

Granted, it's entirely possible that the company is considering sitting on the CR-Z brand to prevent another competitor from pinning it (which General Motors arguably should have done with the 'K5' nameplate that adorns now a Kia family sedan). However, we would like to believe that Honda is planning to bring back a sporty coupe or a two-door hatchback into its lineup.

Like the previous CR-Z Hybrid, which left our shores after the 2016 model year, we expect any new version of this model to adopt electrification. Only time will tell if that will manifest as a gasoline-electric hybrid or a battery-electric powertrain. Frankly, we'd love to see a battery-electric performance vehicle that would channel the charm of the  Honda E , not sold in America, with the commitment of the lightweight  CRX So of yore.

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